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Champagne Wine Pairing

The innate bubbles of sparkling wine, such as Champagne, Prosecco and Cava; each offer an added layer of pairing versatility while the coveted acidity carries rich, butter-laden fare even farther.

Pairings for Champagne and Sparkling Wine: Triple cream (Brie-style) cheese, butter cream sauce, buttered popcorn, shrimp and shellfish, salami, veggies, stuffed mushrooms, smoked salmon, caviar, fried calamari, egg dishes, oysters, foie gras, sweet bread and marscapone cheese, fruit-based desserts, and buttery shortbread cookies.

Pairings for Rosé Sparkling Wines: Brie, smoked salmon, prosciutto, chocolate, raspberries, and chocolate covered berries

Pairing for Cava (Sparkling Wine from Spain): Manchego cheese, almonds, olives, potato chips, prosciutto, Serrano ham, fried fish, smoked salmon, sushi, and tapas

Pairings for Moscato d’Asti (Italy’s sweeter spritzer): Toasted almonds, ginger snaps, lemon sugar cookies, cheesecake, raspberries, fruit sorbet, lemon meringue, and peach cobbler.

Pairings for Prosecco (Sparkling Wine from Italy): Almonds, antipasto, Asian recipes, asparagus, smoked salmon, sushi, shrimp cocktail and honey themes

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