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Chenin Blanc Wine Pairing

Chenin blanc is versatile player in food and wine pairings, but the wide range of wine styles needs to be taken into account. The acidity and balance of medium-dry styles can pair well with cream sauces and rich dishes like pâté. Lighter, dry styles can pair well with light dishes such as salads, fish, and chicken. Sweeter styles of Chenin blanc balance spicy heat of Asian and Hispanic cuisines.

Dry, Crisp Chenin Blanc: Opt for poultry, pork, shrimp, oysters or mussels and fresh fish (especially trout) especially with lemon, as well as pasta dishes with herbal or vegetable themes.

Sweeter-styled Chenin Blanc: Chenin Blanc that holds more residual sugar and is sweeter on the palate, look for the classic pairings of blue cheese, foie gras, spicy Asian fare, sushi or fruit pies and tarts.

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