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Gewürztraminer Wine Pairing

Gewürztraminer is a grape that is tremendously fragrant, with a flamboyant aroma that recalls roses, lychee nuts and spices like allspice and cloves. Gewürztraminer pairs well with classic Alsace cuisine—a rich tarte flambée made with ham and Gruyère, for instance. American Gewürztraminers tend to be less dense and unctuous, though they typically have a touch of sweetness on the finish and a delicate spiciness. Pair them with Asian food of all kinds.

While Gewurztraminer may show a dry or sweet style, the sweeter themes tend to partner best with dishes that carry a little heat. The slight sweet will tame the heat and the acidity will offer considerable pairing versatility. These wines pair remarkably well with Thai or Asian dishes, as well as zesty-flavored fare like barbecue or hot wings. The flavor and aromas often include rose, pear, citrus, spice and mineral. Gewurztraminer shows best when served well chilled. Shoot for 40-45 degrees.

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