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Sauterne Wine Pairing

Sauternes is a sweet, yet complex wine good enough to pair with all kinds of savory dishes, from Roquefort terrine to fried chicken.

It isn’t hard to pair Sauternes with savory dishes as long as you look to the classic pairing of Sauternes and foie gras, usually with a tart sauce. Also dishes with components that are creamy (cream sauces, high-fat cheeses), salty (cured hams), briny (seafood), mineral (oysters), acidic (lemons) and even spicy (chiles) make fine matches. Similarly, the right textures cut through the wine’s honey-like body: dense, flavorful fruits (pineapples, apricots), beef, meaty fish and crunchy fried foods all do the job beautifully.

Each of the following dishes makes a superb (if not always a classic) pairing with Sauternes. A terrine of Roquefort and toasted walnuts served with a mustardy apple salad serves the same purpose as the cheese course that so often accompanies the wine. Salty cured ham baked with leeks and crunchy pistachios in a cream sauce evens out the wine’s sweetness. Fried chicken with a little lemon juice goes well with Sauternes! And a sauté of pork tenderloin with a spicy habanero pan sauce tamed with a splash of Sauternes seems to add even more complexity to the wine.

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