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Guide to Pairing Food and Wine

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Guide to Pairing Food and Wine

Sauvignon Blanc

Light-bodied, crisp wine with fig, lemon and grassy tones.

Food Pairing

Meats & Fish: Lighter entrées such as shellfish, sushi, sole, orange roughy and chicken
Cheese & Nuts: Feta, chévre, pine nuts
Fruits & Vegetables: Citrus fruits, melons, green apples, asparagus
Sauces: All light sauces such as citrus sauce
Grains: White rice, French bread
Desserts: Light, fruity sweets such as sorbet and key lime pie



Medium-bodied, buttery and oaky with vanilla, pineapple, peach and red apple flavors and a smooth finish.

Food Pairing

Meats & Fish: Pork loin, chicken, veal, shrimp, crab and lobster
Cheese & Nuts: Asiago, havarti, mozzarella, almonds
Fruits & Vegetables: Avocado, potato, butternut squash, apples, peaches, mango
Sauces: Creamy, mild and buttery sauces, pesto, tropical salsas
Grains: Risotto, crackers
Desserts: Apple, pecan and key lime pie, yellow and pound cake, banana pudding, caramel swirl ice cream



Light- to medium-bodied with apricot, honeysuckle and pear flavors with a dry finish.

Food Pairing

Meats & Fish: Sweet meats such as pork and smoked turkey, chicken, sea bass, trout and Asian food
Cheese & Nuts: Havarti, Gouda, pecans, candied walnuts
Fruits & Vegetables: Pears, apricots, figs, apples, melon, sweet potato, chili and bell peppers
Sauces: Sweet BBQ, sweet and sour, curry, chutney
Grains: Corn bread, honey bread
Desserts: Pecan pie, apple pie, baked pears, honey and almond-covered cheese, anything with caramel


Pinot Noir

Medium-bodied and silky with red cherry, strawberry and smoky earth tones.

Food Pairing

Meats & Fish: Roasted chicken, tuna, filet mignon, pork, lamb and mild sausages
Cheese & Nuts: Goat cheese, Brie, walnuts
Fruits & Vegetables: Roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, figs, cherries, strawberries, dried fruit
Sauces: Mushroom sauces, light-medium red sauces
Grains: Olive bread
Desserts: Vanilla pudding, milk chocolate, creme brulée, strawberries and cream, white chocolate



Heavy-bodied and chewy with black cherry, currant, jammy, spice and tobacco tones.

Food Pairing

Meats & Fish: Roast game, hearty stews, spicy sausages such as pepperoni and salami, salmon
Cheese & Nuts: Strong cheeses such as sharp cheddar, Roquefort and blue cheese, hazelnuts
Fruits & Vegetables: Currants, blackberries, stewed tomatoes, beets, eggplant and dark, leafy greens
Sauces: Heavy red, BBQ and spicy sauces
Grains: Pizza
Desserts: Rhubarb pie, Black Forest cake



Full-bodied with espresso, pomegranate, dark chocolate and black cherry flavors.

Food Pairing

Meats & Fish: BBQ tri-tip, sausage pizza, duck, tuna and grilled shark
Cheese & Nuts: Blue cheese, Camembert, toasted cashews
Fruits & Vegetables: Bell pepper, roasted shallots, boysenberry or plums
Sauces: Bearnaise, marinara, mushroom
Desserts: Dark chocolate torte, chocolate truffles dusted with cocoa powder



Medium- to heavy-bodied, smooth-finishing with black cherry, plum, raspberry and chocolate notes.

Food Pairing

Meats & Fish: Grilled meats, steak, stew, leg of lamb, tuna and swordfish
Cheese & Nuts: Romano, Parmesan, aged chévre, chestnuts
Fruits & Vegetables: Plums, tomatoes, endive, eggplant, black beans, caramelized vegetables
Sauces: Red sauce, bolognese, tomato and béarnaise sauces
Desserts: Dark chocolate sauce, berries, chocolate torte, fondue


Cabernet Sauvignon

Full-bodied with black currant, coffee and dark chocolate notes with a long finish.

Food Pairing

Meats & Fish: Game, ribeye, roasted meats, beef stew, rack of lamb, swordfish and tuna
Cheese & Nuts: Cheddar and all aged cheeses, walnuts
Fruits & Vegetables: Black cherries, plums, tomatoes, broccoli, black olives, dark greens
Sauces: Brown, bolognese, tomato, pasta in a thick red sauce
Grains: Pizza
Desserts: Bittersweet chocolate, berries in dark chocolate sauce, espresso gelato



Medium- to heavy-bodied with blackberry, raspberry, black pepper and smoke tones with a spicy finish.

Food Pairing

Meats & Fish: Grilled sausages, ribs, Cajun spiced fish, cioppino, duck and roasted meats
Cheese & Nuts: Ripe Brie, triple-cream and aged cheeses
Fruits & Vegetables: Cranberries, all types of peppers, especially grilled
Sauces: Spicy, Cajun and pepper sauces, hot salsa
Desserts: Spice cake, gingerbread, orange-chocolate, carrot cake


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