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When is a Cup of Flour Not a Cup of Flour

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Measuring Dry Ingredients

Accurate measurement of ingredients is critical for most baking. Being off by a little or a lot, can cause disastrous results. Yet, individual measuring techniques, whether using the scoop and sweep method or using a spoon to fill a measuring cup can cause a deviation in the amount of an ingredient from a recipe by as much as 25% or more, even if measured by trained professionals. That is a sure path to failure in any recipe.

The only no fail technique to measuring dry ingredients is to go by weight.

Ingredient Ounces   Grams  
1 cup all-purpose flour 5 142
1 cup cake flour 4 113
1 cup whole wheat flour 5 1/2 156
1 cup granulated sugar 7 198
1 cup packed brown sugar 7 198
1 cup confectioner’s sugar 4 113
1 cup cocoa powder 3 85
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