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Frywall Splatter Guard and Shield

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I love the Frywall Splatter Guard.  I discovered them after watching an episode of Shark Tank.  If you want to learn what happened to the Frywall since then, you can find it here.  When I saw it in action, I just knew I needed to try one and have been extremely happy with it.  It makes for much easier clean up after cooking.  Since I have six burners with cast iron grills, I would have to remove them to clean underneath.  No more!

Frywall splatter guard keeps your stove clean when cooking using a frying pan.  You can fry, simmer or saute with an an uncovered pan and prevent droplets from splattering on to your stove.  Because of hits high temperature rating of 450F, its perfect for deep frying like latkes and chicken; steaks and burgers; bacon and eggs; or the bubbling while cooking tomato sauce.

The Frywall comes in 8″, 10″ and 12″.  It is made of silicone, which makes it easy to fit and you can just roll it up for storing away.

Bottom line, this is the first splatter guard or shield product that really works.  I’ve tried them all.  Its high extended sides allow easy access to food you are cooking, without food splattering on your stovetop.

I have two minor issues.  Food sometimes gets stuck between the Frywall and the frying pan.  That is not a big issue but an annoyance, especially if you overfill the frying pan.  The second is cleaning the Frywall itself.  I like to put dishes in the dishwasher. While it is dishwasher sage, it is hard to find a way to place the Frywall in the dishwasher  to make sure it gets clean.  Because its made of silicone, cleaning is relatively easy in the sink.

Click on this link to buy the Frywall Splatter Guard.



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