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Coffees from Around the World

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Coffee from Around the World

A great cup of Java is what all good mornings should be made of. ALL. There are even websites that you can Visit here that help you to find the best coffee maker, so you can start your day off right. So, It shouldn`t surprise you to know that delicious coffee from around the world is enjoyed in a similar manner all over the globe.

For some of us, coffee is a serious business. There is no messing with our brand and the time we like to spend alone with our Jo is important. If you want to read some coffee machine reviews visit The Full Moon Cafe who will help you out, or Little Coffee Place who have a great guide on single serve coffee makers (which are my personal favorite).

Do you know that this little habit that you have is practiced in all four corners of the globe (technically the globe doesn’t have corners, but you know what I mean) in variations all day long. Some people prefer the comfort of having a coffee machine at home, with the Hamilton Beach 49980A being a popular choice. Coffee is a love undefined by borders, it seeps dark and pours deep into the hearts of people for its rich, earthy flavor, its caffeine buzz and that little sumthin-sumthin it’s got that has no name but puts a smile on your face.

Coffee comes from the coffee bean plant which is located in several regions around the world. Some of the largest coffee-producing countries include Ethiopia, Brazil and Vietnam. There are two major varieties produced. The Robusta bean is the standard bean while the Arabica bean is the premium version.

Let’s take a hop, skip and jump and tour across the globe to find out about world coffee consumptions that not only titillate the taste buds but also the mind buds.


It is believed that the first beans for coffee were discovered in Ethiopia. From Ethiopia the beans made their way into the Middle East. To make coffee like it’s done in Ethiopia you are going to want to get yourself premium Arabica beans, which Ethiopia produces.

These bean need to be roasted in a pan, you’ll know their ready when they darken. In a separate pot bring water to boil. Once the water is boiling, add a spoon of sugar and a spoon of coffee into the pot. The stronger you want your coffee, the longer you want to leave it covered in the pot.


Coffee made its way into the Ottoman courts after the movement of the bean up from Africa into the Middle East. Turkey has a special coffee culture that revolves not only on the dark liquid but also the ritual itself.

To make Turkish coffee you need ground Turkish coffee or espresso will if you can’t find Turkish brands. The traditional way to make Turkish coffee is to cook the coffee in water over a gas flame. The coffee along with the grinds is poured into little cups that are the size of espresso cups. Sugar is added as per the drinker’s liking.

Coffee drinker’s carefully drink the last drop so as to not swallow the grinds nor to spill the grinds. The coffee story isn’t finished after that last sip of coffee. The coffee cups will have the residue of the coffee grinds at the bottom of the cups. The cups are covered with a saucer and the cups are then turned upside down. The coffee cup is turned over on the saucer for 10 mins. Then one of your fellow coffee drinkers will read your fortune.

The coffeehouse tradition is believed to have started in Istanbul sometime between the 15th and 16th centuries.


From the Middle East, over to Turkey and into Italy was the journey of the coffee bean. The Italian love for coffee is well known around the world, in particular the express form of coffee also known as espresso. Italy has a culture that surrounds the sipping of the daily brew with many people popping into their local coffee houses several times for an espresso, an Americano, a café au lait or perhaps an aperitif closer to the evening.

Although large contraptions for preparing the various coffees are popular in coffee houses, many homes still use a traditional percolator to get the perfect cup of coffee.


Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world, given that stat it comes as no particular shock that coffee is big in Brazil. One of the most popular ways to drink coffee is with hot milk and sprinklings of sugar with a double-strength coffee base.


A cup of Cuban coffee in hand and a smile on your face as you chat with friends is the way Cubans like to start the day (certainly not a bad way to start the day). Cubans enjoy lots of sugar in their coffee, alternatively you can also start your day with a milky version.


None of those tiny Turkish or Italian cups can cut it for an American cup of Jo. Coffee in the U.S. comes in a large cup and is meant to be sipped, not tossed back like an Italian espresso. A cup of coffee to the lips is a popular way to start the day. Milk or cream and sugar are popular additions to coffee. Additionally, mixed coffee drinks that contain less coffee and more whipped cream have also become particularly popular.

Beloved coffee is loved for numerous reasons and ultimately gives us a chance to break up the day and take a nice hot sip. There`s a lot of difference around the world but one thing we all can come together over is coffee from around the world.

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