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Béchamel Sauces – A White Milk-based Sauce


Bechamel sauce

Bechamel sauce, also known as white sauce, uses milk as a base and is thickened with a white roux. Bechamel sauces are commonly flavored with shallots, onion, nutmeg, or pepper. Other sauces that are made with béchamel include Mornay sauce, cheese sauces, or cream sauces. Bechamel based sauces are often served with egg, pasta, poultry, vegetables, or egg.

Mornay Sauce

Mornay is a béchamel sauce with shredded or grated cheese added. Some versions use different combinations of Emmental cheese, Gruyère, white cheddar or even Parmesan cheese. A Mornay sauce made with cheddar cheese is commonly used to make macaroni and cheese.

Soubise Sauce

Soubise is an onion-based sauce thickened with Béchamel sauce, cream or pounded cooked rice. It is generally served with meats, game, poultry and vegetables. It was formerly often used to coat meat. It has many versions but the simplest including just onions, butter, and cream.

Espagnole Sauce
Veloute Sauce
Hollandaise Sauce (and red sauce)

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