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How to Make the Best Ice Cream Ever

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Best Ice Cream Ever

I think that when it comes to ice cream we all think the same way, but no one put it more eloquently than Ginger Rogers. She said, “My love for ice cream emerged at an early age – and has never left!” What could be more delightful than eating an ice cream? I think it is one’s ability to make the best ice cream ever and that too at their home. Speaking of which, my friend recently got the best refrigerator under 15000 to make all the ice cream he can manage.

However, making ice cream at home is not everyone’s cup of tea. First of all, it requires all the necessary equipment, so you’ll probably have to think about buying an ice cream maker; secondly and most importantly it demands you to be one hell of an ice cream chef to make the best ice cream at home. Yet, with these easy tips, we assure that you can make the best ice cream ever.

  1. Rejuvenate your love for vanilla – A survey by the International Ice Cream Association reveals that the most popular ice cream favor in the USA is vanilla. It is the most popular ice cream flavor in the world too. So in this article, you will learn how to make the best vanilla ice cream at home, be it by using one of the best ice cream maker options or other means of churning, and here is the first tip; fall in love with vanilla again.
  2. Ingredients – You need to get all the required ingredients to make the best vanilla ice cream ever. You need 1-1/4 full fat milk. ½ cup golden caster sugar, 1 vanilla pod, 3 large free-range egg yolks and ice.
  3. Get ready to make the best ice cream – The day before you want to impress your friends and family with your master cookery, get the canister from your machine and put it into the freezer to adjust the temperature.
  4. Vanilla day – The next day wake up with the will and wish to make the best vanilla ice cream ever. You need to mix the milk and cream into a medium sized pan, and then mix half the sugar. The vanilla pod you have is the fruit of vanilla plant and you will use it to add the arousing vanilla flavor to your ice cream. Get a small kitchen knife and slice the vanilla pod vertically (I used my best japanese knife). Then extract as many of the black seeds as possible and put those black seeds into the cream mixture. After you have done this, cut the pod into small bits and drop those bits into the cream mixture.
  5. Heat up the temptation – Now that you are done with mixing milk with cream and adding vanilla pod to the mixture, it is the time to heat up the temptation to make the best ice cream ever. You should remember that heating the cream and milk is the most important part and you can either ruin it or do masterfully. Let the mixture boil on a mild heat. Stir the mixture from time to time and take care of it until it almost boils. Then you need to take the pan off of the heat for 30 minutes.
  6. Eggs are not to be taken for granted – Take only the egg yolks into a bowl, put some sugar and beat it with egg beater until the mixture thickens. Now is the time to get some cream mixture and put it into the egg yolks and stir it until the yolks are slacken. Then you need to reheat the cream until it is boiled and then mix the egg yolks mixture into the cream.
  7. Low heat time – Now you need to keep low heat and keep stirring until you see that the mixture in your pan is thickening. You need to make sure that there are no bubbles on the surface – if there are any, it is the sign that you should take the pan off the heat.
  8. Make it or ruin it – Now comes the hardest part. You need to put all the custard into a small bowl and place that bowl into a bigger bowl one third full of cold water. Give it some time and keep stirring to avoid the formation of any skin on the surface. Then put the small bowl in a freezer for 4 to 5 hours.
  9. Ice cream machine time – Now you need to switch on your ice cream machine, get the vanilla pod pieces out of the custard and slowly pour the custard into the machine. Let it churn for about 20 minutes and see if the cream is too soft to eat. Put the cream into a plastic bowl and put it in a freezer for around 4 hours. After 4 hours, it is ready to serve. Congratulations! You have made the best vanilla ice cream ever.

Here are some general tips to take things to the master chef level.

Add some sweetness – People who make ice cream at home make a common mistake. They use simple table sugar in the ice cream and they expect their ice cream’s texture, body and creaminess to be just as good as any master chef’s ice cream. However, it is a mistake. If you do not want to make any but the best ice cream ever, we suggest you to use alternate sugars like invert sugar or glucose syrup. The alternate sugar like glucose sugar will give a tremendous texture and creaminess to your ice cream.

Make it scoop worthy – At restaurants and ice cream parlors, they keep the temperature of their freezers from 0 to 10 Fahrenheit in order to keep the ice cream scoopable. If you want to give your guests a pleasant surprise and you want them to be in awe of your homemade ice cream, make sure that it is neither melt nor too cold.

Use some stabilizers – If you want to make the master chef level ice cream at home, you should remember that making an ice cream is easy but keeping it in good form is very difficult. This miracle can be made possible by using some good stabilizers like gelatin and milk powder. From texture to chewiness, there is a lot that stabilizers can do for your ice cream.

If you take care of all these steps carefully, perhaps not at the first attempt but at the second or third attempt, you will make a flawless vanilla ice cream that will make any good chef envious of you. The beauty of vanilla ice cream is its creaminess and texture, not only the taste. Take care of the special tips in the end and you will make an ice cream that will not only taste good, but also feel and look as good as any master chef’s ice cream. So, now that you know how to make the best ice cream in the world, go make it and make your family scream for ice cream every Sunday!

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