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How to Make the Best Pasta Ever

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Best Pasta Recipe Ever

A twirl of the fork, a scooping of spaghetti sauce and a little sip of wine make for the best pasta ever, bordering on divine.

Pasta is comfort food, good food, hearty stick-to-your ribs, anytime-is-a-good-time food. It’s hard to believe that this dish that is so ubiquitous in North America has its beginnings in the old World. In order to learn how to make the best pasta ever you`re going to need to know a little bit about where it came from.

Pasta came to America via the kitchens of mamas and grandmamas that immigrated to the good old United States from Italy. Pasta enjoyed its heyday in the later part of the 1900s and spread across North America and with it spread the secrets to a great pasta every time.

Moving to present day, pasta has been incorporated into the weekly dining routine of numerous households. In fact, head to a grocery store in almost any corner of North America and you’ll find at least part of an aisle dedicated to the various shapes of pasta. And you’ll find many a pasta recipe on blogs like too – it really is one of the most beloved foods out there.

So what is the trick to whipping up the perfect pasta? Well let’s tell you all about it. Here we go.

Step 1

Make sure you’ve got a nice large pot for boiling water. Your pasta should be able to easily float around without the noodles getting stuck to one another. An 8 quart pasta pot is ideal. You should fill the pot approximately 75 percent of the way up with water.

Step 2

Once you’ve selected the ideal pot, fill it up with cold water. Filling it up with cold water will allow it to slowly reach the boiling temperature. Once it hits boiling, you’lll know that all of the bad gunk is being eliminated. and that will then give you time to spill ou the excess water.

Step 3

It is important that you salt your water so that your pasta will have some flavor.

Step 4

Add some extra virgin olive oil to your pot to ensure your pasta doesn’t stick together. The addition of the oil will also help the water from boiling up and over the pot.

Step 5

Bring your pasta up to a rolling boil before tossing the pasta in. This will help the pasta cook evenly. Once the water is boiling, toss your pasta in and make sure to give it a stir so you don’t have any pasta clumping together.

Step 6

Now comes the patient part. You must wait without fiddling with the cooking pasta, just let it do its thing. You should cook it for several minutes less than the package instructions. Before completely removing the pasta from the water, give your pasta the chewability test. If you like the consistency take the pot of water off the stove and drain your pasta.

Step 7

You should have already cooked up a sauce, so the best thing you can do right now is plate your pasta. You will need to top the best pasta ever with your delicious basil garlic pasta sauce and enjoy. There is nothing worse than a plate full of cold, sticky pasta after you’ve spent hours on the sauce. So enjoy both the sauce and pasta together when they’re at their flavor optimal best.

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