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How to Make the Best Lemonade Ever

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Best Lemonade Ever

Best Lemonade Ever

Have you ever felt the delicious satisfaction of double-quenching your thirst, you’re about to and you’re to do so after you learn how to make the best lemonade ever.

What exactly is the double quench of thirst you may be asking and I shall be happy to oblige with an answer that will make you look forward to the experience. Being outside on a super hot day can have you panting like a dog. Now, go for a run on a super hot day and then walk home by way of a path that provides all that is good in nature except water.

So by the time you get home, you are not just panting like a dog, but your tongue feels like it’ got dust bunnies on it and the only thing that hits the back of your throat when you swallow is hot, dry air. This is what we would call a double-quench required situation. You not only want to drink something, but you want something supremely cold to hose down that quench.

This double quench can only be achieved by a glass of homemade lemonade and there are several reasons why. First off, the lemonade zing is refreshing in itself and is one of the necessities of a truly refreshing experience. Secondly, we’re talking fresh lemonade of the homemade variety.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have this lemonade while enjoying a hot summer day in your luxurious pool, probably designed through some pool builders firm. Homemade lemonade can be your go-to drink for any summer occasion, be it a pool party or some other social gathering, and you can make it dirty as well.

When you make your own lemonade you use fresh lemons and that is a necessary in a truly refreshing experience. And finally, the lemonade must be homemade because that’s the only way you can achieve the right balance to get that second quench. A double quench can easily be lost if there is too much sugar present, which often is when you’re consuming store-bought versions of lemonade, but at home you can balance that just right.

The lemon requires warmth for cultivation and it is believed it may have first been discovered in India. The fruit then made its way into the Levant and over to Europe. Some historians believe that the lemonade as we know it today may have had its inception in ancient Egypt. An old Egyptian script details a drink made of lemon and mint.

Others however, would argue that the precursor to modern day lemonade may have come from India itself. In India a concoction called “skangvee” is similar to lemonade. Regardless of its origin it made its way to America to extinguish the thirst of a country full of soon-to-be lemonade lovers.

In fact, for many of us, the lemonade takes us back to the dog days of summer when we weren’t quite old enough for a real job, but were old enough to want things that we didn’t have the money to by. And so during those summers we opened up a lemonade stand with our good neighborhood friend. This lemonade concoction often catered to our young palates which meant a whole lotta sugar with some lemon and water.

Fast forward to today and surely our tastes have become a little more refined. These refined guys like lemonade but they need the lemonade nuance just right and so let’s whip up a batch of the best lemonade a person’s ever had ever.

Recipe: The Best Lemonade Ever

Placing your lemons in the hot water helps you to release the lemon juices which means you’ll get more liquid when you squeeze those lemons. Additionally you can adjust the amount of sugar if you and your family/guests tend to like more sugar or less sugar.

The mint gives the lemonade a lovely flash of freshness almost like a third level of quenchness.

The great thing about lemonade is not just its gorgeous fresh flavors but also the nutritional content of the lemon itself. Lemons are an excellent source of Vitamin C, not to mention the fact that they are a great way to give your whole system a cleanse (just ease up on the sugar).

Enjoy the most delicious lemonade you’ve ever had ever!

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